Art School on DVD

In Art School on DVD I intend to offer the best instruction I can find or produce on the subjects I believe are essential to the development of you, the aspiring artist.

Every DVD has to be well taught and offer good value for the price.

That is my promise to you.

Mastering Color

Anyone can slap paint on a piece of paper or canvas, but applying the RIGHT COLOR is what separates the beginner from the experienced artist.

And finding an experienced artist to effectively teach you about color is critically important.

In Mastering Color, New Zealand artist Richard Robinson has produced an excellent DVD that teaches you the essentials of understanding and using color.

Robert Genn, one of Canada's most successful fine artists, said this about Mastering Color to the subscribers of his "Twice Weekly Letters":

Mastering Color - Click here for more info.

"Understanding colour is illusive, and handling it properly has to be learned. There are just too many defaults in the old brain to get colour right on the first go.

That's why I was pleased to see Richard Robinson of Ruakaka, New Zealand, has prepared an excellent video called Mastering Colour.

With candour and clarity this young painter has summed up in 125 minutes (plus printable lesson notes) the essentials of colour theory and practice: seeing and describing colour, colour mixing and manipulation, colour harmony and light effects.

Particularly valuable is the difficult-to-master understanding of how adjacent colours affect one another. As well as answering many oft-asked questions, Richard aptly describes the jumpable chasm between amateur and professional colour.

I don't often recommend products in these letters, but this is a good one."

I am proud to include this excellent DVD in my Art School on DVD curriculum. I think it is an essential step on the path to becoming the artist you dream of being. Click here to learn more...

Special Offer: 3 "Painting Adventures" DVD's for the price of 2

Join Richard Robinson painting in breathtaking New Zealand and watch over his shoulder as he explains clearly the concepts, processes and techniques behind great landscape painting. Thousands of people around the world are already enjoying his light filled paintings and relaxed teaching style. Click here to learn more...

3 Lessons in One: Master Class

Lesson #1 - Join Richard Robinson at spectacular Teal Bay in Northland, New Zealand for over 3 hours of painting instruction compressed into an intense 30 minute lesson. Learn how to put REAL depth into your paintings.

Lesson #2 - Linear perspective in a simple landscape. Expressive brushwork and painterly techniques on Ruakaka Beach in Northland, New Zealand for over 3 hours of painting instruction compressed into an intense 30 minute lesson!

Lesson #3 - Make glowing mist and other subtle light and water effects. Join Richard in his studio and learn how to use photographs, knowledge and your artistic license to create a great painting quickly and easily. Click here to learn more……