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"Thanks for a great teaching series! This has helped me a LOT!! I am going to put your article up on my bulletin board in my studio as a reminder and even make a big sign to hang right above my easel. I appreciate your passion for art and for sharing it with others."
Lynnette Brown
Oregon, USA

"Your article was extremely useful! I really accept your idea about simplicity. What a fact! Complexity is the easiest thing to do and, unfortunately, most people know it as "being professional" or believe that it's a necessary characteristic for a "real artist"! I love the painting you chose; it's a beautiful tableau. J'adore such pictures!"

"As a beginning painter, artist seems a term so far away for me right now. Sometimes it is confusing on where to start, thinking about a scene to paint, what colors to use, how to create the emotion. By setting the design you really put it in perspective for me. Thanks so much for your help."
B. K.
Florida, USA

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