Discover Easy Painting Ideas
Right In Front Of You

Do you wrack your brain for easy painting ideas? Do you search and search for that one subject that will inspire you to grab your paints?

Do you comb through your photographs searching for that perfect picture?

I did that in my beginning years. I remember spending a lot of time concerned with the subject and giving much less thought to how I could make my art interesting.

So, I would end up just copying whatever subject I decided to paint.

That's not how to improve your creativity.

Now, in the very beginning just copying your subject isn't a bad thing. Learning to control your medium. Learning how to mix colors. Learning to see light and shadow on a form and depicting it accurately.

They are all very important.

At the same time, the downside of using a perfect photograph is it can lead you to believe that the subject is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. You can come to believe that if you can't find the perfect subject, why paint?

Let me suggest to you two important painting art tips.
1. There are good painting ideas all around you.  
2. What's important is not the subject you paint, but how you paint it.

Ordinary Easy Painting Ideas

Easy painting ideas could be as close as your kitchen or refrigerator.

Take a look at this photograph. Pretty awesome, right?

Actually, I'm not usually interested in still life subjects. In fact, I haven't done a still life painting since art school.

And I won't tell you how many years ago that was.

But, I purposely chose these common, everyday, seen-them-a-million-times objects as my first step in proving there are easy painting ideas at your fingertips.

Because they are so ordinary, using common objects can help teach you how to improve your creativity by making you think.

By making you find ways of improving composition skills.

By making you discover ways to make the subject fun to do and interesting to look at.

You need to imagine how you can make the art a total feast for a viewer's eyes.

Too often we settle for putting a viewer's eyes on a diet by reproducing only what we see.

Just as it takes a bit of creativity to cook a delicious meal, it takes some thought to create a visually interesting painting.

And, it's so much more fun to produce a visual banquet.

Rather than painting the equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Best Wishes,
Gary Gumble
Founder of
Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. (George Bernard Shaw)

P.S. You may notice I purposely didn't spend much time trying to get the lighting just right.

Or worrying very much about the background.

Those are things you definitely should consider if you do something like this.

To make this composition and these subjects fun for me to do, I chose to challenge myself.

To see what I could do with one of these easy painting ideas.

More to come on this next time.

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