Garys Story:
A “Fireman” For Aspiring Artists

Gary’s story is about becoming a “Fireman.”

But not the kind of “Fireman” that puts out fires. The kind that fuels them.

My mission is to help beginning artists like you take that creative spark inside you and build it into a roaring flame.

So, you can create art with skill, confidence and imagination.

But I will be the first to admit my mission did not have an auspicious beginning.

Garys Story: A Mission Born From Frustration

The seeds of my mission began on a day I was showing neither skill nor confidence nor imagination.

For the umpteenth time I found myself consigning a piece of my art to the garbage can. Because halfway through painting it, I again ran into a problem I should have seen before I started.

My self-confidence was so low I was questioning how I ever thought I could be a artist.

And what made the pain even worse was I already knew how to create successful art. I had done it for 18 years as an illustrator.

Yet, here I was, making a career move from illustration to fine art, and once again I was trashing a piece of my art.

Well, Gary’s story could have ended up trashed in that same garbage can. All because I was making a common beginner mistake.

My Beginner Mistake

I had unconsciously (and wrongly) assumed that fine art was somehow different than illustrative art.

I had unconsciously assumed that in fine art all I needed to do was take a photograph of something interesting and then copy it.

Well, the anguish I felt as I crammed one more half-done painting into the garbage made me realize how wrong my assumptions were.

I finally had to admit the beating my ego was taking was my own fault.

And what I needed to do was return to the proven process for creating art and the skills I had developed as an illustrator.

That decision was the turning point in Gary’s story.

The “Fireman’s” Mission

As I delved deeper into fine art, Garys story took an interesting turn. I joined a few local art groups and saw something that amazed and disturbed me.

Most members of these art groups truly wanted to become creative, confident artists. But...

Many were struggling and frustrated, because they were making the same mistakes I had made...and suffering the same brutal consequences.

That’s when my mission began to take shape.

And when it did, became the way to give Garys story life.

So I could teach beginning artists like you the crucial skills you need to create successful, powerful art in any medium.

The crucial skills that help you build that that creative spark inside you into a roaring flame...

So you can create art with skill, confidence and imagination.

Gary Gumble
Founder of

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