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Making better art (easier)

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Making better art (easier) is an obvious goal of every artist but...

Creating good art is hard. There's no sleight of hand that can change that reality.

But hard is also relative.

For an aspiring beginner putting those first marks on a blank white paper or canvas can feel very intimidating. (read more)

Where things begin to fall apart

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Today I want to share a few tips and tools I’ve learned to rely on.

Tools that make your art not only better but, when you learn to use them, they gradually make art easier and faster.

Tools forged in the fires of experience. (read more)

My irritable bar syndrome

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My irritable bar syndrome is worst at night.

And if thoughts could kill, there’d be bodies galore.

‘Cause the music and crowd noise is so loud, but the singing even louder.

The French love to sing. (read more)

Simple Art Fixes For Hidden Problems in Your Photograph

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The most important secret for creating simple art fixes for hidden problems in your photographs is... first recognize that there really are problems in your photograph...

That will cause problems in your art... (read more)

A Scientifically Proven Drawing and Painting Lesson

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This drawing and painting lesson begins on the playground of my youth.

When I was in elementary school one of the popular hobbies, among boys at least, was collecting baseball cards.

Every player in the major leagues had their own card. A photograph of the player...(read more)

Exciting Art in the Streets of Colombia and France

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When was the last time you were stopped in your tracks by exciting art in the streets where you live?

How often has that happened? What did that art show you?

Where I used to live in the Seattle area, the occasional street art was... (read more)

Why Just Copying What You See Makes Creating Art So Hard

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We have become ingrained almost from birth to believe that "more" is better.

It’s one of the big reasons why complexity - being very detailed - in your work comes so naturally. But makes creating art so hard.

Hard because the more “stuff” you try to cram into your drawing or painting... (read more)

The Art of Painting On The Road

Plaza de la Virgen watercolor

In the planning stage the art of painting on the road didn’t seem very complicated.

My wife and I had decided to spend the first three months of a year-long trip in Europe. France, Spain, and Portugal, looking for the place we wanted to live next.

Then I had a great idea. I’d bring my camera and a bunch of my art supplies... (read more)

An Art Idea I Have Wanted To Paint For Years

Have you ever had an art idea that just sat in your mind patiently waiting to be used?

But you never quite got around to painting it.

Well, that’s what this is all about.

An art idea that started as a photograph I took almost exactly four years ago.  (read more)

How To Know When Your Art Is Done

One of the things that many of you have mentioned is struggling to know when your art is done.

Knowing when to stop working on your drawing or painting so you don't overwork and ruin it.

It may provide some comfort to realize this is one of the eternal challenges all artists face at every level of experience. (read more)

Painting Tips For Any Painting Medium

"Come on Gumble, how can painting tips be useful for any painting medium?"

"This blog post sounds like a bunch of hooey."

Pastel is pastel. Oil is oil. Acrylic is acrylic. They are all totally different, right?

Well, yes, you could say that, if you are only referring to the physical properties of each painting medium. (read more)

You Create The Star Of Your Art

You control what the star of your art is.

Just like a movie, a drawing or painting needs some star power. To create interest …to grab a viewer's attention…

… and pull their eyes into your art. (I'll tell you more about that in a moment.)

But, remember this…(read more)

Painting Ideas And Tips From A Master

If you want good painting ideas and tips, look no further than the work of Zhaoming Wu.

The drawings and paintings on his website ( provide a great online art class, if you stop and study them.

And this is quite fitting, because...

Though born and raised in China, he has been an... (read more)

Cool Painting Ideas For Hot Landscapes

Cool painting ideas can be found almost anywhere.

But, have you ever noticed that it's easier to get excited about a landscape idea when the scenery is different than back home?

At least it is for me. I love to travel. And I love taking pictures of what's different from what I’m used to seeing. However, the continual challenge when you get home is finding the cool painting... (read more)

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