Landscape Art Is Dead

Almost every landscape art subject you would ever want to paint has been done.  

Thousands and thousands of times.

If that's the case, what can you possibly do to make your work different than those thousands and thousands of others?

Yes, you could just paint in the same way as everyone else.

And admittedly, when you are first learning to paint, that's what you do. You don't worry about adding more of you to your art.

I didn't when I began painting. And that's fine for a while.

If you have continued to read my blog, I hope you've reached a crucial point.

A point where, if you want to be a landscape artist, you want to put your own stamp on your work.

Where you want to put more of you in your art.

So it reflects what you feel about your subject.

One way you can make your landscape art stand apart is to create more drama or mystery or excitement in it.

And just as in the movies, creating different lighting and/or composition can change how a viewer responds to your work.

And I want to emphasize the word creating.

One of the best tips for painting anything is that it's often your imagination that manufactures that drama and excitement.

It is rare to find a scene that is perfectly composed and is as exciting as it could be. And all you have to do is paint it.

Well, thank goodness for that.

Because, it is so much more fun to create the drama or the mystery or the excitement you want to see.

And by doing that put more of you in your work.

For instance.

Here is a small painting I did using the above photograph from a trip to Costa Rica.

In this landscape painting I've used the basic composition and lighting from the photograph, but changed the scene somewhat.

One of the best painting tips art I can give you is this…

Just because the original scene is from Costa Rica doesn't mean the painting has to look like Costa Rica.

When you internalize that thought and make it a belief, you've taken the first BIG step to putting more of you in your work.

Can you see what things I changed?

Can you see why I made those changes?

And how you could do those same things in your art?

Best Wishes,
Gary Gumble
Founder of
Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. (George Bernard Shaw)

P.S. Think about all the things I've written about over the preceding weeks.

They've all been about ways to put more power, more feeling and more excitement in your art.

And not just your landscape art.

I've used landscape art here because it's a subject a lot of people learn to paint.

The things I've done in my art apply to almost anything.

Can you imagine what could happen if you learned to apply them in your art?

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