Make Ordinary Art Painting Ideas Exciting

You can create exciting art using the ordinary art painting ideas I've described the last couple weeks.

All it takes is the desire to use more of your imagination and push yourself a little beyond where you are right now.

These ordinary art painting ideas don't have to look simple and dull.

They can be great exercises in how to improve your creativity. How to improve your painting skills.

How to improve your color skills.

And how improving composition skills, even with very simple objects, can help improve all your skills.

Ordinary Art Painting Ideas

Take a look at this composition and then let me ask you something.

Would you paint something like this and then leave lots of empty space around the fruit?

Or would you pull in close and focus on your stars?

Would you create a background that adds interesting texture to the work?

Or would you just paint a flat color in the background? Or very little color at all?

One of the oil painting tips and tricks is to use loose washy brushstrokes at first. Then paint over them with thicker paint, but still allow some of the washy strokes to show.

Something Important to Remember

Would you change the color of your fruit a bit to fit the particular color scheme you've chosen?

Or would you only try to paint the colors you saw in your photograph?

There is something important I'd really like you to remember.

Treasure it and store it deep in your mind.

The whole point of doing art is to put you in your work.

Your feelings. Your point of view. Your taste in colors.

And create something uniquely and proudly your own.

By doing that, you are also finding how to make these ordinary art painting ideas not only exciting to look at, but fun to do.

Never be satisfied with doing art painting ideas just to do something.

Put effort into it.

Push beyond what you see in front of you. Push beyond what you did in your last painting and the one before that.

Because having the courage to push beyond what you've already done is the road to being a better artist.

Best Wishes,
Gary Gumble
Founder of
Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. (George Bernard Shaw

P.S. I realize you may have questions about how I painted this week's version of this art painting idea.

You may wonder why I chose the color scheme I used.

There may be a number of things you'd like to know more about in this painting or the one last week.

Keep those questions in mind.

You'll get a chance to ask them in the not too distant future.

And get complete answers.

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