You're a Beginning Artist
Who Loves Creating Art…Now You
Want to Create Better Art.

You know you are only a beginning artist, but you feel there's more talent inside you than you've been able to show so far.

And it's been poking and prodding your insides to do something about that.

To set it free.

To develop it.

To let it learn how to create the kind of work it dreams of creating.

It knows it is still raw talent. And it's not quite sure just how much is there.

But it truly feels it is capable of so much more.

Yes, it has produced some pretty pictures and promising drawings.

And it's been very grateful for the compliments from friends and family.

At least until now.

Yes, their support has been great.

It's just that the compliments of friends and family are not quite enough any more.

Now your talent yearns to be more than just a beginning artist.

It wants to be an artist.

And it feels it can become one if it can just find the right teacher.

But with all the stuff on (and off) the internet, how does a beginning artist figure out who that teacher should be?

Well, you are not alone with these concerns.

At the same time there is an old saying that goes, "When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear."

For those that are ready, strives to be that teacher.

"The mission of Beginning is to teach every beginning artist how to make art more easily, more creatively and more confidently."

More easily, because aspiring artists through inexperience too often make art much more complicated that it needs to be.

More creatively, because your talent wants to develop as far as it can.

More confidently, because nothing frees talent and creativity like the confidence of knowing the crucial skills that are the foundation of good art.

Salvador Barajas of San Diego, California learned how true that is.

"Gary, you've given me the direction and instruction that has improved the quality of my work tremendously. I highly recommend your instruction to anyone who wishes to produce outstanding work." founder Gary Gumble brings a wealth of experience to the task of turning beginning artists into artists.

More than 45 years experience in three different fields of art to be exact.

And during all those years he's seen one truth over and over.

It doesn't matter what medium you use or what subject you like to draw or paint.

You only grow your talent when you begin to learn the two basic skills that are the foundation of all good art:

1. When you begin to train your eyes to see like an artist. To see and measure the proportions of your subject correctly and…

2. When you begin to learn to draw those proportions correctly. So everything in your art is the right size, the right shape and in the right place.

Beginning to learn those two basic skills is the first giant confidence-building step in developing your talent.

To assist the aspiring beginners who are ready to develop their talent and become artists, Gary has developed two important resources.

The Measuring Proportion Like an Artist page shows you how to acquire the two crucial skills upon which your future development is based and…

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