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December 14, 2016  The Ultimate Art Course Online

I created this blog to be sort of an art course online for beginning artists – one facet of the art school that I want to be.

The purpose of any art school is not only to develop your technical skills.

Online art instruction should also expose you to the vast universe of different art painting ideas and... (read more)

November 30, 2016  Drawn To Art Of Female Faces

"I've been drawn to art since I was child, but couldn't pursue it at school given the way school subjects were structured."

That's how subscriber Keith Ruiter explained the beginning of his love affair with art and especially drawing female faces.

I only met Keith recently...(read more).

November 16, 2016  Drawing vs Painting -Where You Stand

Drawing vs painting - which is most important?  Where do you stand on this question?

Or are you like me and believe they are inseparable parts of Mother Art?

I asked you about this in a survey last week. And I'll summarize the interesting results...(read more)

November 9, 2016  Drawing Versus Painting: Which Matters Most?

Hmm. Drawing versus painting. I know many beginning artists are attracted to one and fear the other.

So, I sometimes wonder if I may be making a mistake. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

In the pages of this blog I try to cover aspects of both drawing and painting. To me, they are like...(read more)

November 2, 2016  Make Even Simple Drawings Eye-catching

The secret ingredient that makes even simple drawings eye-catching?

The answer is definitely eye of newt.


Well…maybe not definitely.

Okay, in reality the secret ingredient is...(read more)

October 26, 2016  Paint Very Little But Say A Lot

So, is there some secret to being able to paint very little, but say a lot in what you show?

Not really.

The “secret” is much like the very old joke about the tourist who asks a New Yorker, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Practice, practice, practice.” (read more)

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